Essential Oils

I use therapeutic grade essential oils as an added benefit with my massage, in my healing work, and with my family to help with aches and pains.

There are many kinds of essential oil brand out there. Some essential oil producers use chemical solvents and others use filler to increase the volume of their product. They may even say 100% pure oils on the bottles since there is no quality standard for the industry.

If you use those chemical blend oils, you might get headache, nausea, skin problems, etc.

So please be careful when you buy the essential oils.

I have been using YoungLiving essential oils for more than 15 years. I use them for my clients, my family and myself.

Youngliving is the only company who has “seed to seal” process and I believe that they have the best essential oils in USA.

You can learn about YoungLiving and how to use Essential Oils.

It’s very simple and easy to buy Youngliving essential oils online. Just make sure that you get 24% discount!

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