Essential Oils

I use therapeutic grade essential oils as an added benefit with my massage, in my healing work, and with my family to help with aches and pains.

There are many kinds of essential oil brand out there. Some essential oil producers use chemical solvents and others use filler to increase the volume of their product. They may even say 100% pure oils on the bottles since there is no quality standard for the industry.

If you use those chemical blend oils, you might get headache, nausia, skin problems, etc.

So please be careful when you buy the essential oils.

I have been using YoungLiving essential oils for 10 years. I use them for clients, my family, and for myself.

Here is the video of YoungLiving.

Youngliving is the only company who has “seed to seal” process and I believe that they have the best essential oils in USA. Young Living oils are used with many hospitals in all over USA.

You get 24% discount on the price of products when you sign up as wholesaler. But you don’t have to buy a certain amounts every month. You just buy the Starter Kit for $45 (basic)/$160(premium)  when you sign up, and after that just buy a minimum of $50/year. It’s not much, and it keeps you learning about all the different types and benefits of essential oils. Young Living even has supplements and personal care products using their special oil blends.

I recommend the Premium Starter Kit to start, $160, which has a set of 10 most popular 5ml essential-oil bottles and a home diffuser. (If you buy these separately, it would cost more than $200.) They have wonderful benefits and this set is perfect for beginners looking to bring the power of essential oils into their homes. The diffuser lets you fill your home with pure essential oils instead of strange chemicals found in those smelly room sprays.

It’s very simple and easy to buy Youngliving essential oils online. Go to this page:
YoungLiving member sign up page and get started.

For the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID, you can use my number, 795147.

Enjoy your life with true, natural essential oils!