Lomi Lomi Healing Essential Oil — Adding Magical Into Massage & more

Private Salon (Wednesday only )

Welcome to massagical.com: adding the magical into massage — wellness in Hawaii


*All menus have medical-grade essential oils.
*There will be an additional $25 charge for hotel visits.

Lomilomi massage 
60min $85
90min $120

Raindrop Technique (ultimate aroma therapy)
100min $160

Pohaku (Hot Stone Massage)+Essential Oils
100min $160

Energy Healing Session
60min $80

Hours 9:30am-7pm  Wednesdays Only

Salon Address:

1314 S. King st
suite 1551 
Honolulu HI 96814

Please email or call for reservations.
[email protected]

Lemurian Healing Session (Counseling & Healing)

I’m a certified Lemurian Healing Practitioner & Teacher.
What is Lemurian Healing? You can look at LH official website.

About Me:
My name is Masako and I am a professional massage therapist (MAT#7491)since 2003. I have been living in Hawaii for 19 years but originally from Japan.

I have worked at several spas and clinics on Oahu, including AVEDA Salon in Honolulu, and at The Kahala Mandarin Hotel.

I use high quality medical grade essential oils (Youngliving) with each massages. They help you to release tension, emotion, feelings and thoughts easily and naturally.  I’m also an energy healing practitioner, so usually clients release a lot of energy which they don’t need anymore and relax very deep. Even feel so happy after my massage. I work with Body, Mind and Spirit.

I’m a YoungLiving Essential Oil distributer. If you are interested, I’d love to help you.
YL member #795147 Masako McMahon


“YoungLiving Essential Oil introduction meeting”

You will experience 11 kind of pure medical grade essential oils. A various ways to use and be healthy. Let’s have fun!

Cost: $10 (about 2 hours)

Thank you for visiting,

Masako McMahon